Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts in Mullion and the Lizard

The Lizard peninsula is a natural centre for the arts and crafts and Mullion’s creative sector is thriving with authors living and working alongside actors, painters, photographers, playwrights and musicians. Professionals interact with gifted amateurs and get the most from the local art facilities, galleries and the natural environment. There are plenty of clubs, get togethers and classes for all abilities.
The local environment itself provides the basis for much creativity, with so many beautiful, out of the way places to take inspiration from. The sea, the unspoiled cliffs, the natural light, and rolling countryside along with the gentle pace of life are major factors in calming and opening the mind.

Art and Art Classes

There are many places to view or purchase the work of the Lizard’s many painters, potters, wood-turners and carvers, designers and sculptors, either in the galleries or direct from the artist themselves. There are also many opportunities for locals and visitors alike to get their hands messy and take part and learn new artistic skills. Mullion Cove Hotel offers art based ‘special break’ holidays. Tracey Miles provides individual and group art classes and portrait sessions, and Dan Ransley offers photography workshops which can be tailored to your experience and desired specialism. There are various opportunities to learn new skills at Mullion Meadows, where Rock Paper Scissors which as well as selling a wide variety of materials offers drop-in craft sessions. All the professionals can help all abilities, from beginners to experts.

Visitors can discover many sources for artistic inspiration: The sea, isolated coves, rugged cliffs and inlets, fishing harbours, idyllic villages, heathlands, woodland, fauna and flora and, of course, the people themselves. Events such as Regattas, carnivals, carolaires, festivals of art, food, music and gardens and many others paint a picture of an inspirational community.

The Village Hall hosts regular craft fairs and markets offering home-baked and home-grown produce and art and craft items made locally. Local art groups meet regularly including at Coverack and Constantine.

In such an inspiring environment it is no wonder that Mullion School thrives within its status as a specialist in the performing arts. Its students have won numerous local and national awards and its many plays, concert and shows are tour-de-forces. If you can get a ticket you really should go along.

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Creative Residents and Visitors

Many writers and artists have found The Lizard an excellent place to live or visit frequently, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who set the Adventure of the Devils Foot in the area. In the tale Sherlock Homes comes with Dr Watson to convalesce near the sea and stays at Craig-a-Bella on the cliff above Poldhu Cove – you too can stay there as it is a holiday home. Other noted frequent visitors and residents include, A.A. Milne, A.P. Herbert, Compton Mackenzie – whose cottage with its Blue Plaque is in Gunwalloe – and the film star Clarke Gable. More up to date, pop stars Jessie J and Robbie Williams holidayed in the area and

Cornwall’s climate and light have always been magnets for artists. Ferocious storms with wild seas alternate with balmy calms and early morning light as bright and clear as that of the Mediterranean. The seasons provide a variety of contrasting and beautiful landscape images. In spring wildflowers carpet the clifftops, moors and woodlands and in summer, clear warm light shades to long colourful autumn evenings. In winter, open spaces sculptured by the wind show another inspirational face of nature.